The longest 55k I’ve ever run: 1st place at the Krkonose 55

“Bugger! Again?!” It dawns on me that this time the mistake might be costlier than the first. Having worked hard to regain the race lead after getting lost coming out of Spindleruv Mlyn 5 miles or so ago, I now find myself near the top of a mountain in Poland. The wrong mountain. Having motored on after taking the lead again, I had got into a nice rhythm ascending and must have completely overlooked the junction, where the green path forked away. I now found myself in no-mans land on the red trail and had to stop 3 separate groups of … Continue reading The longest 55k I’ve ever run: 1st place at the Krkonose 55

AZ Tower Race – Running to the top of the Czech Republic’s tallest tower

Lie-ins are boring, right? Running up a tower on a Sunday morning, however; now there’s something I can shout from the *skyscraper-tops about. So it was set, last Sunday, my girlfriend, I and several hundred others found ourselves at the base of the AZ Tower, Czech Republic’s tallest building, ready for a race like no other I had done before. 111m spread over 30 floors was the morning’s challenge. Were we ready for it? Who knows? It is one thing to run up and down a hill, quite a different proposition altogether to run up endless flights of stairs. The … Continue reading AZ Tower Race – Running to the top of the Czech Republic’s tallest tower


Watching the London Marathon yesterday morning was both inspiring and frustrating at the same time. I was inspired by watching Kipchoge and others tear up the course in record speed. That said, I was more inspired by the achievements of running buddies I used to train with who set incredible PBs and have come on huge strides since we were training together 13 months ago. That was the time that I suffered a bad climbing fall and broke my pelvis, which put me out of action for 3 solid months and a further 3 taking baby steps. The toughest part of … Continue reading 2:30

Race Mindset

Last weekend I ran my first proper race since injury. That means I had been out of any sort of competitive running for almost a year. For the first few months getting back into the swing of running and beginning to start ‘training’ (as supposed to just going out for a run) I cherished the freedom of not having to worry about mileage and speed. I could just go out for a run and that was that. Simple. After a few months of this, however, that was not enough, as I knew it wouldn’t be. If you are the competitive type like … Continue reading Race Mindset

Running The Way of St James: Brno – Austria

I wonder how much of the route the original pilgrims ran. Given that there was over 3000km left to their ultimate goal – Santiago de Compostela – when I left the route and headed back to Brno – I think it’s quite likely that the answer is somewhere between none and ‘only when necessary’ (i’m thinking of running away from animals in the Alps/ Pyrenees here more than anything). The day pilgrim, however, does not have to make these considerations and so a nice run down to Austria from the centre of Brno was the plan. There is a special kind … Continue reading Running The Way of St James: Brno – Austria

Running in Brno -Hadecka Planinka, Zadni Hady & Udoli Ricky

I got lost. But then again, that’s not all that bad when you’re out on a nice long Sunday run, exploring new ground, armed with a double espresso gel and a podcast full of new talk shows, is it? The closest point from Brno to leave a vehicle is by the Velka Klajdovka hotel (there is also a bus stop here), so I ditched the van and set off for a nice long run in the woods. Although the Hadecka Planinka (oftn just called Hady after the highest point) is not very large on its own, it connects seamlessly to … Continue reading Running in Brno -Hadecka Planinka, Zadni Hady & Udoli Ricky

Running in Brno – Hady

The thermometer showed -3 degrees when I drove past on my way to explore the forests around Hady. By the time I returned the minus sign had vanished. Such is the difference a clear blue sky and beating Winter sunshine makes. In Brno, days like this have to be seized, and I was heading to the right place to make the most of it. The nature reserve is called Hadecka Planinka, but the highest point in it is called Hady and so people commonly refer to the area as just this (apparently!). I was surprised to see signposts saying ‘Moravsky … Continue reading Running in Brno – Hady

Running in Brno – Holedna Park

It was a good job I packed my trail running shoes with me when I came over from the UK a week ago. On Friday I was kicking myself for heading out in road shoes and paid the price when crossing the icy road, stacking badly and landing straight on the side where I broke my pelvis. If there ever was a test of how well healed you are, this was it. Anyway, heading out this morning to explore the Holedna Park (Obero Holedna in Czech), I didn’t make the same mistake again. Brooks Cascadias where the weapon of choice and … Continue reading Running in Brno – Holedna Park